Our Team has conceptualized, developed, and implemented various IT solutions to streamline processes for the niche sector of animal management.

Fox Data Pro
FDP is a web-based wildlife management and monitoring platform developed specifically to improve work efficiency between organizations in custody of wild animals and the Forest Departments which are supervising their treatment, transfer and release processes. This system is currently being used in Pune and has greatly eased and improved the monitoring and operational processes of the Pune Forest Department.

SPCA Online
Creation of a user-friendly web-based system for the District SPCA to be used by Public citizens to Report Animal Cruelty with evidence. District SPCA Members to efficiently receive information on animal cases delegated to them and submit activity reports of work done by them. District SPCA Admin/ Managing Committee to monitor SPCA Members, Animal Cases, Generate Activity Reports and effectively manage all cruelty cases reported to the District SPCA

RESQ Management System
Developed web-based Animal NGO Management System that provides a Data Management system enabling active surveillance, reporting of animals in emergency, animal data management, accounting for NGOs, management of staff and communication. RESQ has been using this system for several years which has translated into higher efficiency, transparency and accountability of work done. It is now being extended to other NGO’s across the country.

APE Data Pro
Development of a robust animal population estimation application (APEDATAPRO) and conducting census of free-ranging dog population.

Hound Data Pro
Development of a multi-lingual mobile application which can be used by organisations engaging in Animal Birth Control and Vaccination Programs. This allows the Local Government Authority to have access to their systems to ensure animals are not being relocated, verify quantum of work done, maintain transparency and efficient use of resources, human and financial.

Wildlife Tracker (Under development)
This is a simple to use web-based system (using low internet connectivity on basic smartphones) that will enable locals to report sightings and incidents pertaining to wildlife which will alert relevant organizations, non-governmental and governmental, to take rapid proactive action and be equipped with verified data to determine future policy regarding conservation efforts.